APPC Third Service - Three Years of Ministy
As we enter our third year and third month of ministry, we have learned and grown in leaps and bounds. We have made a ton of pancakes, have grown in friendship, faith, and colored a lot of pictures during worship. We also learned that:
  •  Pancakes with food coloring cannot be made during the sermon—they are too exciting and cause way too much commotion! 
  • Every time we reconfigure our room, we find a way to create more seating and better sound! We are up to seating for 63! (The Third Service has moved upstairs to the Fellowship as of April 16, 2017.)
  • It “is” possible and wonderful to greet each person by name at worship. 
  • A small group can accomplish a lot—we adopted a family for Thanksgiving - raising enough for a feast!

When asked what folks specifically like about the Third Service:
  • The BAND... the heartfelt songs, and the music. Music is a vital component to our worship experience and we count our many blessings!
  • The service is "different" every week.
  • We greet you by name at the passing of the peace at the end of the service.
  • Children are a vital part of our ministry.

Pancakes made to order before and during the service

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